Sunday, April 28, 2013

What are the Cowboys Doing?

When you search through the ranks of the NFL teams drafting this weekend, one team stands alone: the Dallas Cowboys. In the 1st round they reached for center Travis Frederick. Don't get me wrong, Frederick is a solid center. However, his positional value does not justify a first round pick. The Cowboys did fill a need with Frederick, but at a high cost. Safeties Matt Elam and John Cyprien were still on the board, as was cornerback Jamar Taylor. In the end, I can live with Frederick. Let's just hope the ends justify the means.Next, the Cowboys selected Gavin Escobar, a TE from San Diego State. Why? Jason Witten may be getting older, but he still is the one of the most talented and consistent TE's in the league. I don't see Escobar overtaking Witten anytime soon, so I guess we'll see more two TE sets in Dallas. Players that could have helped the defense like Jonathan Hankins or D.J. Swearinger were all taken in the later portion of the 2nd round. Some other offensive skill players available were RB's Eddie Lacy and Montee Ball. Both players would have helped Dallas' ground game which has struggled with injuries. The running game also takes pressure off of your latest overly paid QB in Tony Romo. But what do I know? I'm just a draft nut. I could never make better picks than the high and mighty Jerry Jones.In the 3rd round, the Cowboys selected Terrance Williams, a wide receiver from Baylor. This one makes a little more sense than it does on paper. Miles Austin is constantly injured, and could become too much of a liability to keep around. Williams is good value here, but short term, people will question it. The worst part of this pick is that they took Terrance Williams over Keenan Allen. While Allen may have some lingering injury concerns, his upside his huge. Terrance Williams is somewhat limited in underneath throws, something the Cowboys have to do if they cannot run the ball. Terron Armstead and Dallas Thomas were on the board and could have filled the shoes of Doug Free. I think Williams will become a good player in this league, but immediately, the Cowboys should have protected Romo up front first. The Cowboys also selected J.J. Wilcox, a safety from Georgia Southern. I have no problems with the pick of a safety, it just should have been done earlier though.The Cowboys can still salvage this draft class on Day 3. However, I don't see any GM's worth taking with a 4th round pick. Jerry Jones need to hand the reigns over to anybody else to make the picks. Maybe I'm wrong; maybe all of these picks make perfect sense when the season starts. But if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs, don't blame Tony Romo (unless he throws 5 picks in a key game). All of the blame can be placed squarely on Jerry Jones, unfortunately he's not going anywhere.

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... Peter Jourdain says the Cowboys have been cleared of any wrong doing
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