Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is It tre? Yh publishs frst-qurtr 2013 fnncl dta

Yh hs reprtd the rslts of 2013′s first qurter, whch cm t an end on March 31. Th nmbrs shw a revn of abt $1.07 billn, a rat that Yh calls flt in cmparsn t th sam qrter in 2012. Stll, th cmpny tht hs bn strgglng t rgn its fthld hs bet ot expcttns dspt an 10-prcnt drp, pullng in $425 mlln in GP rvn.

Dsply rvenu (x-TC) cm in at $402 mlln fr Q1 of this yar, an 11-prcnt dcrs ovr 2012′s $454 milln. Wth th excptin of in Sth Krea, Yh’s ad sls als drpped, falling 7-prcnt ovr th sam qrtr lst yr. Th pric pr ad also fll, bt nt qt as drstclly, cming in at only 2-prcnt lwr. Nt all ws flls and dcreses, hwver, wth the rate of pd clcks (gin, excldng South Kra) incrsng by 16-prcent ovr th sme qrtr last yr. That was prtlly nutralizd by th 7-prcnt drop in pric-per-clck, hwvr. Yho mde sm big bsnss chngs, as wll, such as rlling ot a refrshd “exprnc” and acqurng a host of companis, incldng Snip.t and Alk. Sd Yahoo’s C Mrss Myr: “’m plsd wth Yho!’s prfrmance in th first qrtr. We sw cntnd stablty in or bsness, strngthnd our tm, and startd th yr wth fast exctn agnst our prdcts and prtnrshps. We are mvng qckly t rll ot btiflly designd, mor inttv experencs fr or usrs. I’m cnfdnt tht th imprvements we’r mkng t our prdcts wll set up the Cmpany fr lng-trm grwth.” [vi Yh] Yh publishs first-quartr 2013 fnncl dat is written by Brttny Hlln .

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