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Astroboogie Stars April 21st 2013

- Try reading your rising sign too - TaurusYou have Major Ambitions that you’d love to fulfil, given time and energy. Some of these goals change over time, and some are also thrust upon you that you didn’t sign up for. But nothing happens without outside pressure and afterwards you admit the effort was worth it. Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse pares your personal life down and you take stock of the liaisons that stand up. Wait until the weekend at least before acting on an impulse. There's light and shade as always, as your ruler Venus gives you a warm personal touch. Take the lead on Sunday and you dazzle in the boardroom and the bedroom. GeminiYou break your usual frontiers and a vision arrives of how life could be. Then you wake up – except the glittering memory persists. Write your ideas down and set your ambitions on a towering scale, not what you think you can get away with. Wednesday combines thought with innovative action in a private eureka moment.CancerYour swerve into left-field takes everyone by surprise. Uranus, planet of genius, breaks up cosy conformity and your career outlook is radically different to only months ago. For sure it's life in a tumble-drier, but otherwise you would never venture out of your zone. Someone tries to control you, but remember, they respect your wilful independence.LeoA madcap travel scheme doesn’t seem so crazy now and you do everything to reel it in. Muggles try and talk you out of it, but it's fair to ask about their motivation. Natural chemistry gives you the boss’s ear, but this is not a scenario you have engineered. Thursday’s eclipse sees a decisive move on the home front.VirgoAlways smart and sensible, now you set your sights on a faraway ideal. Your partner is a perfect inspiration and you aim for the road less travelled. Visionary daring blends with down-home values and staying together for the long run has a romance of its own. Monday’s Virgo Moon gives you the edge in contract talks.LibraSharp repartee is guaranteed and you are drawn to somebody’s ideas. You know your own mind too and amaze everyone with a quick decision on Wednesday’s Libra Moon. Still, you can take it slowly in love and indulge your pleasures to the fullest. Rethink your fiscal strategy, and stick with the elements that are working for you.ScorpioA critical point in your career campaign as you decide which parts are worthwhile. Sure, you face up to challenges and people treat you with new respect. But the work-life ratio is critical, so don’t waste love on a project that doesn’t love you back. Thursday’s lunar eclipse draws an emotional line, leaving heart and mind clear. SagittariusYou are famous for the Big Idea, but you astound everyone with your grasp of detail. Follow your first instinct and don’t look back. Your rebellious ideas percolate slowly and a desire to break away that persists is fulfilled at last. Psychic inspiration bubbles up behind the scenes but the weekend puts a dramatic moment in perspective.CapricornGrounding discordant energies makes a launchpad for your success. You fuse working all the hours with embracing technology, and grasp an historic opportunity. A light touch works in love, even when your partner is in intense mood. Take up a new diet or routine, and a kindred spirit helps you make the transition.AquariusTear down the old and build up the new at home. The Sun and fiery Mars combine in your domestic zone and a refurb project shows your class. Insist on fine quality accessories and don’t let a plan slip for lack of investment. Think on a large scale and a breezy attitude in a tight spot has everyone turning to you.PiscesSeeing the world in colourful hues, like an Impressionist painting, is no biggie for you. But even by your own standards, life has a kaleidoscopic quality and you'd rather paint your masterpiece than graft. Listen to your inner voice, but keep some discrimination. You ride the intensity of Thursday’s eclipse and give old-soul advice to someone close.AriesA flash of intuition midweek has long-lasting repercussions. Planets pack your chart’s financial district and you balance your own funds with shared income from your partner. Deciding who owns what is emotional. Saving up for a rainy day isn’t your usual style, but a radical break for freedom is worth planning in advance.

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