Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The royal baby name

Evidently there is a fair amount of betting going on in London right now about what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will name their new prince.The favorites are George, with the odds of that at 9/4, and James, at 11/4. Other names with fairly short odds include Alexander, Henry, and Louis. Long shots are Daniel and Andrew.I sincerely hope they don't give their baby any of those boring names.It would be far more interesting and exciting if they would consider naming the prince Jamaal, or Hakeem. Or maybe Dajuan, or Donte, or LeShon, or Majique, or L'Zereck.The possibilities for creativity in this situation are endless.They might even, in honor of -- and sympathy with -- a young man who seems on the verge of canonization, name their son Trayvon. That would demonstrate true cross-Atlantic solidarity.In fact, if I may be so bold, I would appreciate it very much if any of my readers who happen to be members of the British royal family would be willing to pass my suggestions along to William and Kate.I feel so strongly about this that I am going to fly to London tomorrow to see if I can gain an audience. If not, at least I'll be placing a few bets.(If I don't write for a few days, it's because I'm in England.)

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If gossip sources are to be believed, the royal baby name has been ...
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... , Royal Family,Travel and Culture - Guess the name of the royal baby
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The Queen plays bookie as Royal ladies place bets baby names ...
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What Will the Royal Baby's Name Be?
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