Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer days

I forgot to post Alex's stats from his 15 month check up.  He is 22 lbs, 15.5 oz, and 31 inches long.  He's getting so big!  There have been a few times when I have had to carry both boys, and walking carrying 50 lbs of boys is not easy!  Alex also got his first molar a few weeks ago when the boys were down in St. Pete.  Apparently that wasn't a fun night, so I'm glad I wasn't there.Last weekend we started swim lessons with the boys at the YMCA.  They both do "mommy and me" classes, so Matthew entertains one while the other one is in the pool with me.  Alex did much better than Robbie, but I expected that because Robbie really doesn't like getting his head wet.  Alex did reach for the side a few times, but he's less vocal, smaller and easier to keep hold of than Robbie is. Both of their classes were larger than usual because one of the pools was closed and they had 2 classes instead of one, so it should be better next weekend with less people in the pool and easier to hear the swim instructor.Getting used to the waterKicking his feet.Sitting on the side.Ready to come back in.Robbie smiled after Matt took the picture, but that's pretty much how he looked the whole lesson.Alex during Robbie's swim lesson.Tuesday we spent time outside in the inflatable pool.  The boys were using me as a slide, but when Alex wanted to swing I pulled the little slide over to the pool and Robbie had a blast sliding in!Then we had a picnic in the "woods".Robbie has been asking us to use the potty.  He still wears pull ups.  I'm just not ready to deal with underwear and accidents, though I know I'm going to have to eventually!  I printed some potty training charts and Matthew bought Angry Birds stickers and here is how his chart looks:  (There are even more stickers under the big ones, too!)Robbie is starting to sing more.  I love it!  He had a toy that you pull the handle and it either makes animal noises ("The _____ says ____") or sings a song.  I showed Robbie how to point the arrow to the song section and he played "The Farmer in the Dell" over and over and started singing along.

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