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Android Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme Tutorial

Preview on a Nexus 7:(you will have to setup your own hotspots using uccw if you want to start apps like in the video).Information and Requirements.The theme is based on the phone Sharp Docomo Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D which was first shown to the public at the exposition Anime Expo 2012 in Makuhari Messe, Japan.[MDPI] version – for lower end devices available here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…php?p=28433708Disclaimer: everything here is for personal use only. Not for commercial use under any circumstances. No copyright infringement intended.Tested on Nexus 7.Tested on HTC Evo 4GTested on Galaxy S3.(some visual glitches, some will be fixed this weekend/next week)Tested on Nexus 4 (same as SG3)No root neededNova Launcher.or any other launcher that support widget overlaying and resizing.UCCWThe package, download link below.Nova Launcher settings:Desktop->Desktop Grid-> Row (6), Columns (4).[X]Resize all widgets[X]Widget Overlap[X]Overlap when placingDock->Enable Dock. Dock->Dock Icons->(5)[*]Look and feel -> Color Theme -> # fc7814Turn off “Persistent search bar” if you have it onApply the corresponding settings to your launcher.Extra settings are available if you press vol down a few times in Nova settings.READ BEFORE ASKING, UPDATES AND FIXES IN THE END OF POSTNote:If there are gaps between (the music-)widget, play with the “backgroun” layer in UCCW and change the width/height ->save.If the widgets aren’t aligned right, try turning off the statusbar through your launcher (in Nova settings: “Look and Feel”).Last resort is to use ssLauncher which doesn’t use the “grid system”. You’re able can choose the exact size and the exact size and position of placement of the widget using ssLauncher.SetupAfter downloading your launcher and UCCW, install all the apps provided in the package. Find and open the folder called “ClarusThemeXML”, copy “Clarus” to the root folder of your SD-card.Apply the wallpaper. if you have problem applying the wallpaper in portrait mode, download Wallpaper Wizardrii™. Chose “no scroll” when applying a wallpaper in portrait mode.Follow the video instructions for the rest of the setup.Instructions in Text Format:Place the widgets according to this order:Add a Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW), choose size 4×1 and select “NERV_Search“. Use the image linked above to see its position.Add a UCCW widget 1×1, “NERV_BatteryBar1“,2,3,4 and 5. Place the- BatteryBar2 on top of BatteryBar1- BatteryBar3 on top of BatteryBar2- BatteryBar4 on top of BatteryBar3- BatteryBar5 on top of BatteryBar4Add a UCCW widget 1×1, “NERV_Calendar“.Add a UCCW widget 1×1, “NERV_Clock“.Add a UCCW widget 1×1, “NERV_PhoneNo“.Add a UCCW widget 2×1, “NERV_MusicTop“.Add a UCCW widget 2×1, “NERV_MusicBot“.Add the widget Phantom Music Control (4×1),- Unmark all the settings- Choose which music player to the one you’re using. If it isn’t in the list try Auto-detect.- Choose theme to “Inverted (black on white)- Background: 0% (no background) and then “confirm”Place thie on the third row, resize it to 2×1 so it fits on top of “NERV_MusicBot”8. Add a UCCW widget 2×1, “NERV_Weather“.9. Add a UCCW widget 2×1, “NERV_UniqueNo“.10. Add a UCCW widget 4×1, “NERV_CPU“Add the widget AudioManager- Choose “Large”- Widget Skin: “Digital”Resize it to 3×1 and place it on top of “NERV_CPU”, on the right side.11. Add a UCCW widget 4×1, “NERV_CPU-Hexgrid” on top of AudioManager.Add the widget System Monitor Lite for Android- Choose CPU- Resize it to 3×1- Place it in the bottom left12. Add a UCCW widget 3×1, “NERV_Memory“.Place it on top of the System Monitor widget.13. Add a UCCW widget 1×1, “NERV_USB“.Add the widget Clarus Widgets 2×1,- Restore Settings- Now, choose ATFIELD.xml- Global Settings- Drag the knob (in the alpha bar) to the right side to get transparent, tap OK.- Go back two times- Drag the widget to the bottom left, over the “NERV_Memory” widget- Repeat the process but chose BATTEMP.xml- Place that one next to the previous widget.Open the UCCW app and go to settings (the three dots in the corner)- Hotspot mode- Choose ONBy activating the hotspot mode you will be able to start google search by tapping the search widget,update weather by clicking the green weather indicatorTo make the System Monitor move, start the app from your drawer.- Tap the setting icon (top right corner)- Sampling interval: 5seconds (or any your preferred interval, smaller interval equals more battery drain)- Go back, and tap “Start Background Monitoring”- The chart should now move each 5 seconds.- Unmark “long running notification” to get rid of the notification.Download2012-12-10Download Package- via deviantArt (top corner, to the right)Credits:Owner : QNBT from XDA Post Creators of SH06D and Evangelion.Sylar – Most of the icons were extracted by him.Tips :UPDATES - All updates are included in the package as of today!:2012-12-10 (Download the full package to receive these updates, link above in the download section)UCCW Theme apk (“NERV_QN08T.apk”) updated to version 1.5Weather widget – fixed highest temperature misalignment.The MusicWidget UCCW theme is now 2×2, which means it is only ONE widget now and not two put together.Added new NERV_Memory versions to choose from. Use Memory_v2 or v4 instead. Information on the widgets belowClock widget now displays in 24h format, instead of 12.Included AudioWidget resized version, one small and smaller hexagon dots.Included MusicControl with smaller buttons (if that may look better for your screen).All widgets can now be edited or imported using the .uzip file.ClarusWidgets apk removed from the package.How to apply uzip-themes: Add a new UCCW-widget and choose Open uzip.Old updates: ( NO NEED Follow below now )New Widgets:Editable UCCW fixing blank image problem - (now included in the package) 2012-12-05Weather-fix.uzip Replace your old weather widget with this one. (now included in the package) 2012-12-08 new!NERV_Music.uzip Widget 2×2 - 1 Piece, no longer 2 parts. (now included in the package) 2012-12-10 new!Clarus Widgets:BATTEMP.xml version 2 - (now included in the package) 2012-12-02FIXES FOR VISUAL GLITCHES:New memory widget, you do not need clarus widgets when using this one!It displayes missed calls (left side), unread message (right side). The last digit is the unread counter, the other numbers are just for show.Resized music control buttons!Music widget bottom version 2 (to match the misaligned text on music control)Resized audio widget! Version 1(small) and Version2 (smaller).I can’t test it since I don’t own any devices with your misalignment, hope they will work.Will try to help out more when my exams are over next week. I have other projects outside school that I do, so I cant promise anything Download Update-Fix (now included in the package) 2012-12-08 new!

Android Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme Tutorial Images

Android Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme Tutorial Full Package UPDATE 2012
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Android Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme Tutorial (Full Package UPDATE 2012 ...
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... More Like One last thing before releasing the NERV theme! by ~theNBT
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