Sunday, August 18, 2013

Driving Miss Diana

When you're a foster dog, you spend a lot of time in the car.  You have to drive to and from weekend adoption events and other special LDCRF events every week.  Just this week, Princess Diana will be attending the dog walk in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday, the first LDCRF 5K race on Friday, 7 Corners Petsmart on Saturday, and Tysons Petsmart on Sunday.  Whew!Generally, foster dogs ride shotgun in Zorro's special car seat.(Is she sticking out her tongue at me?)But Princess Diana prefers riding in the back seat and having me act as her chauffeur.Although, if I would let her, her number one choice would be to ride in the trunk.(She jumped in there when I opened the trunk to take something out.  The girl can jump!)Also she likes to drive herself.

Driving Miss Diana Images

Princess Diana: Driving Miss Diana
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Driving MISS Daisy!
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Driving MISS Daisy!
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